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peach cupcakes

Summer breakfast treats


Summer is still underway. It is the middle of peach season and the prices are right! So today I have for you a peach cake. It uses the same recipe as the plum cake HOWEVER, this time I used the right ingredients, no substitutions. We got a nice light and fluffy cake with great flavor. Granted this one didn’t get the height one expects, my fault for not cooling it in the oven with the door open for a few minutes.

The result though is a rustic cake in the German tradition with the American buttercream and peach slices for garnish.

I went with the butter cream as opposed to the rustic naked and icing sugar dusted cake because my peaches were weak in flavor even though they were fresh. That’s what I get for shopping at Wal-mart for fruit instead of a farmers market. Necessity breeds invention though. I cooked down two peaches in ALDI’s Landshut Riesling until I had a thick paste. This concentrates the flavors. Since the Landshut Riesling has an intense fruit flavor it was the perfect thing to bring out the peach flavor. A pinch of salt and a small splash of vanilla really strengthen those weak peaches. You must cool the reduction before adding to the buttercream frosting.

The recipe makes 6 giant cupcakes and one 4 inch round.

Grease and lightly flour tins.

Slice peaches for the batter.

Prepare batter. Spoon into tins to one third full. Layer fresh peach slices onto the batter by cutting into wedges, sliding the skin side right up to the tin wall. You have to leave room for the cake to rise; whole slices laid in the tin will prevent moisture from escaping. Spoon another tablespoon or so on top of slices. Spread batter while leaving a bit of the peach to peak out around the top.

Bake. Cool. Top with frosting. Garnish with thin slices of peach, skin on.


family sized 4 inch cake is perfect for luncheon or Sunday tea.