You can see that it has been a long time since my last post. When I left you I was recovering from a heart attack, looking for more work and attempting to make Quark. Let me update you on a few things.

First, the Quark was a no go. My cultures died in the mailbox so I never even made my first batch. Because right after they shipped I got a job.

Second the new job took a lot of getting used to. I forgot how much retail takes out of your brain, your soul and in the end… your body when you are ill. I’ve been at this job for a solid year now and I am not even remotely close to being financially secure or healthy enough to have my old energy levels. The positive thing about it though is that the physical demands are making me stronger. It’s just taking awhile.

Thirdly, in the hunt for fiscal security and soul sustaining work, I stumbled upon a blog that had some great advice and instruction on self publishing. So I have been building a hefty portfolio of images on a variety of themes to begin the process of self publishing a coloring book. As you can imagine, that is nearly a full time job itself.

So what about the German heritage thing we have going on here? Well, let me be honest, I don’t cook much of anything anymore. A full time retail job, trying to get the book done and not having a coronary while doing it makes a lot of things have to take a back burner. I am looking forward to resuming this adventure in food and history. However it will take me some time to settle into a new routine and begin to reincorporate all of my varied interests.

I am letting go of my older google blogs, building a WordPress blog for the new venture and trying to promote the new material. As things progress I will let you all know what is happening. With any luck, I will be a regular WordPress reader and writer again in a few short months. And I am hoping that the new blog will be a peaceful and restive place away from the politics that has driven so many into the real world to escape the constant sniping. Yeah… that’s impacted how much of my time is spent online. And I gotta tell ya, I really missed the sun, the beach, and the rock collecting while I was hiding out here.

Anyway.. It’s good to be back and I’ll be updating soon.