Bitty Bio & Contact

My maternal Grandparents are from Germany. The came to the States in the mid 1920’s just a bit before my mom was born. I have always had an affinity for Germany and it has not abated as I have grown up. I love lots of things about this great country, right now it is the food and the music as much as it has ever been the landscape and the craftsmanship.

1 thought on “Bitty Bio & Contact”

  1. Hello, Welcome to WP. I read your posts so far. Looking forward to your food posts.
    If you like to generate more visitors to your blog, tag your posts with as many appropriate tags as you can think of. I usually search for: cooking, baking, main dishes, side dishes,soups, desserts, cakes, travel… I think you see what I mean.
    See you soon! 😀 Fae.


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