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Lamb strips, frisee, halved cherry tomatoes, sweet onions, feta cheese and onion balsamic vinaigrette.

Making dinner for four on short notice is not easy. And by short notice I mean there was only 45 minutes warning. Lamb steak for one turned into lamb salad for four rather quickly. Fresh lettuce and veggies had already been purchased for a standard dinner salad so really all that needed to be done was the steak. And to find the Germanic twist.

It is Spring everywhere it should be except in the Northern United States and Lecker has been rolling out the Spring salad issues like crazy. Inspired by Lecker, the German twist in this recipe is the dressing for the salad made with a German condiment, onion jam.

Not as common as mustard and curry ketchup, onion jam seems to be one of those things that came to England from their immigrant ancestors. As will happen, everyone has their variations. In Northern Michigan that variation comes in the form of a balsamic oinion jam from Fustini’s 

Once the lamb has been seasoned and broiled and left to rest, it is time to prepare the dressing. Take two tablespoons of jam and melt it down then add the olive oil and a splash of fig vinegar to create a vinegrette.

Slice the lamb into thin strips and lay on top of the salad then drizzle some dressing over your favorite ingredients.