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dessert is served fresh in a Depression Era reproduction bowl after a sunny Summer on the deck.

We call them fluffs in the States. Fruits, Jell-o, or a pudding blended with a whipped cream, commonly Cool Whip, make a popular treat for Pot Luck gatherings. Simple ingredients and a rather large volume are the two biggest advantages to these desserts which were popularized in the 1040s with the food rationing. Undoubtedly, the concept came to the States with our Immigrnat Ancestors™

Combining a whipped cream with fruits for dessert stretches limited dairy resources. If Germans borrowed the idea from the French parfait they made the concept their own by tucking the mixture into a jelly roll cake. My personal preference is as a stand alone dessert served smartly in a pretty bowl or dessert glass.

For this simple dessert, rinse the freshly picked blackberries and drain well. Sprinkle roughly a tablespoon per pint onto the berries and let them macerate for about twenty minutes.

Prepare whipped cream in a CHILLED metal bowl with  CHILLED beaters for your hand mixer. Putting these in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes while your berries are macerating. The frozen bowl and beater will help achieve a higher fluff. Using COLD heavy whipping cream directly from the refrigerator and powdered sugar in the proportions for you favorite recipe will give you the most satisfying results. If you desire, a small splash of Vanilla extract can be added to enhance the flavors.

Drain the juice from the blackberries well. Fold into the whipped cream and serve.

It is that simple! And oh so refreshing on a hot day.