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First day of Summer on the porch

When we were kids the first day of school for the year began with a type of Belgian waffle. My mother swore that the double decker waffle layered with cool whip and fruit cocktail was something that my grandmother served for birthday breakfasts when my mom was growing up. She also swore that this was something that was served in my Gramma Ada’s family in Germany for generations. Do I know this for fact? No. Can I believe it? Yes, I can. Especially when I look at all of the fresh fruit and cream dripped over jelly roll cakes and open faced fruit cakes in the cooking magazines.

After our last post on fruit compotes for the season, I decided to apply the combination to my mother’s waffle construction to create this breakfast cake.What a great way to celebrate the first day of Spring!

Begin with a single layer of yellow cake or, even better, an angel food cake. And angel food cake will let you use the juice from the compote to drizzle fruit flavors into the cake itself before you begin to add layers.

breakfast layers

The first layer is a ready made key lime pie filling. If you can make your own do so, I do not have that particular skill. Next drop a layer of home made fresh whipped cream in the center of the cake. When you begin to form the well, be very careful that you don’t let the wall of the whipped cream layer slide over the edge of the filling layer. The walls of the well will be filled with fruit that is heavy enough to knock it down if you push whipped cream too far out to the edge. The fruit compote should be well drained. I suggest using it to flavor the cake layer with the poke cake method for the yellow cake or brushing the juice over the top of the trimmed angel food cake and letting it soak into the body for an extra burst of flavor.

Finish the cake with a soft, non hardening chocolate sauce. I had dark chocolate on hand but I think also that a white chocolate would make a great drizzle for the top. A small dollop of whipped cream with a blackberry on top finishes the cake for presentation.

Fruit & cream on a fluffy light cake, in the German tradition, makes a great special breakfast for a morning on the porch at the First Day of Summer.