daily newal

Matthias Reim’s new album comes out in April. The closer it gets the more excited I am for it. The songs are available to sample on the website. I don’t know how he manages to blend so many styles together so seamlessly, but he does and it is amazing. I am told that this album is more autobiographical than the others. I’ve always thought they were anyway. But we won’t get into the music theory and creative process in this post. I will say that it is purposefully autobiographical and call it good.

One of the things that excites me about the new album is the iconography. The text and symbols are beautiful and reflect the nature of the album… Phoenix. Of course I am the weird font geek and you all could have figured that out on your own. But when you go to the website to listen to the music look at the album’s design. It is just gorgeous. The font and flourishes totally convey the strength in this new album.

So far, my favorites are Erlöse mich (release me),Träume (dream), and das Lied (the song). I have a few weeks before the album comes out so we will see if those choices hold up upon hearing the entire song. We will also see if this is going to be an album that helps heal some hurt. The impetus that started me listening to Matthias left some scars that simple “muscling through” won’t heal. “Move on” does’t seem to be the answer. The further I get from the source of both my greatest joy and greatest sorrow the less platitudes help. And the more I realize that Time does not heal on its own. Time has to fix a lot of things and we have to help it along when we can. So I am hoping that as awesome as the samples are, and that my choices of favorites which speaks more intimately to the situation than I can go into here, mean that Time has chosen an optimist like Matthias for a helper.

I know I have. And I have not yet been disappointed by his unintentional assistance or his company along the road. When I get to the end of my sorrows I hope that some of Matthias’ good nature will have been passed along to me. I kinda miss the old me.