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crackers and cheese

Creamy, light on the blue cheese flavor and just a bit on the salty side, this cow’s milk cheese comes from the Southern German region of Allgau. French and Italian influences combine to create Cambozola.

Camembert and Gorgonzola  had a baby in the Käser’s kettle and this delightful cheese is the result. For all practical intents and purposes this is a blue cheese brie. As I said the blue is mild. The cheese is a triple cream delight so it has all of the spreadable goodness of a brie and pairs well with fruits. It is, I find, one of those rare cheeses that is well served with a seafood entree.

A collection of leftovers served for a second breakfast or a light evening repast is elevated with a schmear of Cambozola on a hearty entertainment cracker. We ate this with apple slices, leftover curry chicken salad and the remains of the baked salmon, served cold. What a delightful picnic!