I started this blog to help me share the things that I learn about the country from which my family emigrated. Exploring the culture that speaks to me, that I speak poorly, Germany calls to me and has since I was a child. Born in America, I feel that the perspective I have is watered down at best and marginalized at worst. There is a huge chunk of American culture that comes directly from Germany. Historic missteps meant hiding and the horrific corporatization of the culture meant homogeneity for the German families who settled here. In this era of renewed nationalism (thank you Teddy Roosevelt, *notice the irony) i feel even more passionate about the subject.

We are experiencing blind nationalism on a scale that threatens to reduce America and Americans to the kind of people we have always fought against. We used to be the anti-colonization front. We used to be the defenders of liberty. We are slowly sliding into the intolerant, bigoted shoes of those historic enemies we fought.

My Immigrant Ancestors™ came here for a variety of reasons. Over time, their stories have been watered down and in some places entirely removed from our family history. The only parts of our culture that remain are how we eat and how we celebrate holidays. As Jeff Smith used to say the best way to know people is through the culture: food, music, and stories. But mostly food. So that is my primary focus. As I am highly motivated by music as well, I would like to explore that here. But mostly the food and the traditions that illustrate German culture.

This year, my goal is to post more than 12.5 articles. My yearly review came in and that is the size of it. I post a little over once a month on average. Almost all of them have photos which was one goal so, yay! But I do need to post more. And I need to dig more. I need to spend more time with books and less time with Netflix. So in 2016 I hope to have a better handle on the subject, more frequent posts, and a better sense of the German community.

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