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~pretty green holly leaves

These are Martha Stewart’s no fail Sugar Cookies with a twist. In addition to the ingredients you will need for the cookies, you will need one package of Dr. Oetker’s waldmeister flavored Götterspiese.

Apparently Jell-O™ is called Götterspiese in Germany and literally means food of the Gods. Who would have thought? Can’t say that I disagree. I love clear gelatin desserts. Waldmeister, as we saw last New Year’s, is a sweet woodruff flavored food item. It is herbaceous and has an under tone of cream cheese or marshmallow flavor. So as an addition to a cookie dough you get a gentle green tint and a luxurious cream cheese flavor without adding the calories and making adjustments to the recipe.

As Götterspiese powder does not have added sugar that American Jell-O™ has, you are not adding additional refined sugars to the recipe.

waldmeister collage

Follow the recipe as directed. When you have your butter and sugar creamed (left) you will add one package of Waldmeister Götterspiese powder. Cream this into your mixture again to evenly distribute the flavor and color (right).

The rest of the recipe can be finished as published. I definitely recommend the fridge time. Short dough needs to be rather solid to roll out properly and make transferring the cut out cookie to a baking sheet.

After the dough has chilled, roll out as you normally would. Cut out the cookies. Bake. Watch these closely so that you don’t get golden brown tips on the points. You will notice that with the baking process the color will fade a bit. I wanted pastel cookies to fit another photo shoot but these turned out much more pale than I wanted. So….


~plain & glazed

The quick fix to get a brighter cookie is a waldmeister glaze. I boiled one quarter cup of water in a microwave safe measure cup and added one half of the remaining Götterspiese packet to the boiling water. Once it is dissolved use a silicone brush to glaze the cookies and brighten the color while they are sitting on the cooling rack. Allow the glaze to soak into the cooked dough and apply one or two more coats as needed. If the cookie bakes just a few seconds too long the flavor gets lost to the darkened dough. I ended up with three layers of glaze to get the color that I wanted. And the flavors really popped!

Use a standard Royal Icing to decorate. If I could have found a larger millimeter pearl nonpareil to sit at the base of each leaf to stand in as the holly berries then these would have been perfect. But I am a perfectionist and have to let some of that stuff go, especially since I am limited by product availability.

They turned out great as they were and everyone was really impressed with the flavor. I was relieved that the taste was not off-putting to the non-German foods eating friends.