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~trio of sweet crowned cakes

Two great flavors that go together and can be found just about everywhere. My favorite coffee drink is a hazelnut mocha. And I am not the only one. With this drink as the inspiration, I hit the pantry to make these festive holiday treats.

Again, I used a standard boxed Devil’s Food mix. Follow the directions on the box with the following changes:

  • pull 6 shots of espresso and pour into a measuring cup, fill the cup with water to the level required on the box.
  • add ½ cup espresso flavored chocolate chips

Use your favorite butter cream frosting recipe.

  • Substitute Hazelnut flavoring (Monin) for the cream

Bake, cool, frost & garnish.

When frosting the cupcake, use an offset spatula to apply a flat layer of frosting across the cap of the cupcake. Using a star tip and a slanting motion, circle the cupcakes to make an edge around each cake. Garnish the cupcake with a hazelnut that has been roasted ahead of time.


~mini cake tower


The frosting design is inspired by the carousels featured at Christmas Markets in Germany and the Weihnachtspyramide that comes out each year at this time.