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spiced and roasted fresh from the pumpkin

spiced and roasted fresh from the pumpkin

Frugality is not reserved for our German Ancestors. Many cultures laud the traits of simplicity, frugality and preservation because resources are always more scarce than one realizes. As I have said before, the frugality trait is curiously missing in me compared to my other German relatives. But I do have the gene that loves traditions and hosting small gatherings. I am not one to do up a big event. But I will do up a small affair in the best manner that I can. And I have the “I can make that better somehow” gene.

That said I have to say I have always HATED pumpkin seeds. Too dry, bland and honestly as close to eating saw dust as you can get without actually ingesting wood particles. So when we did the pumpkin carving I thought to myself…. I wonder if I have learned enough to make these better than what I ate as a kid.

So after cleaning and drying to seeds I doused them with the lebkuchen spice combination from the last post and set them to roast. When they were cool they were still too woody. So I made a brown sugar and butter glaze as you would for caramel popcorn. That was rather unsuccessful as my sugar making skills were not up to par. So in the end it was just the spices, some clarified butter and sea salt.

I am going to practice the caramel glaze because I think had I achieved what I really wanted which was a caramel popcorn experience it would have been PERFECT. But in the end the seeds were edible, more flavorful than the plain seeds we ate as kids and the chunks of brown sugar that globbed onto some of them were fun to have melt in your mouth to deposit the spice flavors.