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fall muffin plate

Tis the season for all things pumpkin! Everything on the shelves of an American grocery store is slathered and drenched in “pumpkin Spice”. It is in everything. Most of the pumpkin spice concoctions are flavored with a premixed combination of spices that are not very imaginatively named: “pumpkin pie spice”. To be honest, I am a little over the whole pumpkin pie spice thing. Depending on the manufacturer there is either too much nutmeg or too much clove.

My pumpkin muffins this year are taking after my German Immigrant Ancestors. I am using the Lebkuchen Trio: Corriander, cardamom and ginger to flavor pumpkin muffins. Most likely I am breaking all kinds of rules and regulations regarding the use of this flavor combo.

roasted ginger, cardamom and corriander

roasted ginger, cardamom and coriander

Sadly, I can not give you an exact recipe. I used fresh pumpkin and had to keepadjusting the flavors to make up for a decided lack of ripeness in the pumpkin puree. I also used McCormick’s roasted ginger to give a more robust taste.

The basic Libby recipe with a Lebkuchen blend to substitute for the pumpkin pie spice should suffice. I only have one word of caution: go easy on the Cardamom. The coriander and ginger should compose the largest portions of the spice combo. Cardamom gets very hot on the tongue when it meets the sugar in the mix. It has something to do with it being a resinous spice.

Furthermore, since I changed the spices I also changed the liquid. Instead of using plain water or the orange juice that is listed in the Libby ingredients, I used Tazo Iced Passion tea. I thought that the floral notes in the tea would prevent the cardamom from becoming to hot on the tongue. I didn’t taste the hibiscus or the tea with the strong spices. But we always tasted the orange when mom made these when we were kids.

breakfast out of doors

breakfast out of doors

Once you’ve made a batch the only thing to do is enjoy them. We have been outside between rain showers, trying to get in as much outdoors weather as possible before we are crammed in the house for the Winter.