a handful of morels gathered 2014 in a top secret location.

a handful of morels gathered 2014 in a top secret location.

Hallo Friends,

I just wanted to leave you with a harvest of white morel mushrooms and a hint for cooking them that most people do not know. And that hint will be it for a while. I have to devote a lot of energy to a challenging aspect of my work right now and haven’t the time or the energy to write.

So, if you ever wondered why your mushrooms don’t taste “restaurant good” it is because you are missing one simple part of the equation. The flavinoids, flavor releasing enzymes, are soluble in alcohol, not fat. The fat of either the butter or oil they are sauteed in replaces the moisture lost in cooking in addition to lending a silky mouth feel to your fungal treasures. A splash, it doesn’t take a lot at all, of a white wine for most delicately flavored mushrooms will bring the sparkle out of them. Reds or a rosé are good for strong flavored mushrooms like portabellas.

My absolute favorite wine is the Riesling from Landshut at ALDI. The Riesling is not super sweet nor is it mouth puckeringly dry. If you have been out foraging and found a good stash of mushrooms this year, treat them well. Your taste buds will remember the flavors fondly.

If you are out foraging, Woodruff (Waldmeister) should be up soon if it isn’t already past. As will leeks, fiddleheads and dandelion leaves among other edibles. Enjoy your finds. I will be back as soon as I can.