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reim 25 poster

Twenty years late to the Schlagerparty! I became a fan in 2010. My pen pal said I was pretty late to the party. My very first song was Lebenslänglich. It didn’t take me very long to catch up to everyone else in the fanclub. His first hit, the song that endeared Matthias to the throngs of adoring fans, is a catchy tune about a man needing a girl in his life, Verdammt ich lieb dich! And people just don’t let him forget that song!

Matthias is more than that first hit. But I think one of the reasons that it never goes away, and his other work is sometimes overshadowed by this first hit single, is that in 1990 few Germans were listening to German music. Schalgerplanet credits 6 artists, Matthias among them, as having revived interest and passion for German made music.

I’ve loved it since Nena gave us 99 Luftballons. I’ve just been limited in my ability to participate in the fandom from across the pond. I’ve tried to catch up on everything that I have missed in the last 25 years. Of everything that I have heard, Matthias is still the best of the best for me.

He celebrates 25 years of music with a fantastic Jubilee album gift set. The more important part of the celebrations for me is the 25 Jahr concert tour. I’m not sure how I will make it happen. But I am hoping to get to Germany this year for one of the concerts in the anniversary rotation.