Guten Tag!

flash cards

Friends, readers, casual visitors, I am glad you have all stopped by to look in on the doings of this little blog. You’ll notice I have been able to post more frequently. Some things have been rearranged in my life to leave time for this project. And in most regards I have to say that it has been delicious.

Today I wanted to let you know that there may be a bit of a lag in posts. My paying job is picking up as far as hours are concerned but more importantly there is some education getting in the way of writing. As you all know from the header, I am trying to learn something about the country from which my maternal ancestors hail. I’ve been drawn into the culture and the aesthetic of my German ancestry since I was in high school and had to learn German to earn the privilege of sitting in on conversation with my Grampa and his best friend. The difficulty in learning to cook German food from German recipes is the language barrier.

I’m far better with the vocabulary than I was in high school and with the rabid fan girling that I have done over Matthias Reim you would think it wouldn’t be that hard to get into a groove. But, like me, you’d be wrong. It takes so long to translate a recipe because I am looking up words over and over again and retaining very little of what I am looking up. So it is back to school time.  And that means….

FLASH CARDS!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve used an entire package of index cards and it is no where near enough to begin to cover most of the culinary words that I need to learn. And that was just one magazine’s worth of recipes! It could be a long process. And I am going to have to space new posts a little further apart than I would like. Oy!