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As many of you know from one of my very first posts, my love of German cooking and baking began with the treats that my Grandfather baked each year for our family. It started with a gigantic gingerbread man for each of us. And culminated in the finish for Christmas eve dinner… the Holiday cake. Yeast roll. Christmas Log. Whatever.


Someone sent me a link to the Vermont Country Store this holiday season. When I went cruising through the home-baked goods I came across pictures of nut rolls that look a lot like the picture of Grampa’s roll above. Apparently it is not strictly authentic to Germany but in general of Eastern Europe. This area would encompass, Hungary, Romania, Poland the Czech Republic, Lithuania and parts of the Baltic region.

Vermont Trading Company called it Potica, pronounced po-TEE-sa. Apparently this specific roll with the yellow raisins is Hungarian. Which makes sense since part of Gramma’s family comes from Hungary and would explain in part how it came to be in ours.

I must say, I was rather surprised to find this in a store catalog. The holiday pictures were much closer to what we made; I guess the raisin is only for the holiday? My cousin who lives in Southern Germany has been all over the outdoor markets looking for this from Dresden to Prague and couldn’t find it anywhere.

What a relief to finally have a name for this delight!