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Cutler’s is not a sponsor of this blog… Just my favorite place in Petosky

You will have noticed the posts have been scant of late. Es ist Sommer! We have been out of doors a lot; soaking up the sun, learning to fish, learning to kayak and watching the clouds. It has been a wonderful Summer for cloud watching. A couple of weekends ago we went on an impromptu road trip to the Petosky/Charlevoix region of Northern Michigan.

Located in Emmet County, the area has a distinct Celtic influence with a German twist. Much of the architecture that remains carries the influence of Gothic Revival. The street names and family names indicate a healthy enclave of German immigrants thrived here. 

At any rate, one of my favorite places to go in Petosky is a boutique for kitchen wares and serving pieces called Cutler’s. As it so happens, it is also the boyfriend’s Must Stop Shop. It was a humid day so the hour and a half we spent in the store was a welcome relief. It is full of all kinds of wonderful serving pieces, my cousin Lin’s pattern is abundant there. And there were loads and loads of Le Cruset in stock. But the best part were the few pieces of German tools tucked in and among the others. And I could actually read the labels! 

I found a few selections of Linzer Cookie Cutter Sets and purchased one. I know… Valentines doesn’t really seem to be my thing. But The bird and the hearts will come in handy. The lips I am not too excited about. The other sets were too limited by season. I can not wait to make cookies with these. I found a blueberry dark chocolate preserve at a farmers market that will make for a stunning Linzer. Finding these actually was very thrilling. But the best part came nearer the checkout…

I first saw these gadgets when the came to America on QVC. The kochblum is madeGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA of silicon and pure genius. The in-store price is not more than the introductory QVC price so there is that. BUt truly these things are genius. They sit on your boiling pot and prevent overflow. The vent in the top of it will let the cooking material out and catch it in the basin. You can cover pasta with this and not lose all that energy to evaporation. In theory, I figure that this means that you can cook pasta faster. 

I will grant you that the company, Kuhn Rikon, is headquartered in Switzerland and considers itself to promote Swiss design. But the Swiss still speak German so I think that is close enough. I’ve included a link to the home page. There is a recipe section if you care to try some interesting twists on some traditional European food. I’m looking at the Rhubarb Ratatouille…. for next year. 

After Cutler’s, we traveled town a while longer and came to Meyer Hardware. And here I found even more German made goods. I did wonder what it is about Petosky store purchasing agents that makes them appreciate a good German product and why merchants in Traverse City get a glassy look in the eye when I mention it. Oh well…. I know where to go now. e