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Been here many times. No matter how he treated me I wanted the guy back. Always during the first few months when I was uncertain that I had made the right choice. Only with one person did I ever feel that way after even a year. It is torture to feel that way about someone who clearly was not right for you. And when I have forgotten what it was like to lie next to someone and cry myself to sleep, feeling like I was alone in the world there is this song from Matthias.

It is natural to feel that way. I guess it is a question of the devil you know. It isn’t healthy. I could get wrapped up in a warped sense of should and should not and feel guilty towards myself that I would be dumb enough to want to live in that hell again. But here is Matthias to say it is normal. Everyone feels that way. Ich will dich Immernoch is not a move on song. It is about those moments where once you felt blessed to be free then desire to be trapped again.

In the body of his work there are move on songs. So when you are done rocking this one there is another to walk you along a path to the future. He might not be the wisest person to walk that with, but as far as kindred spirits go he feels the safest. And if not safe at least he is the most fun to have in the CD player.