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A new album from Matthias Reim comes in a few days to Europe. My copy will be in the post a few days after that. So for many weeks my friends in Germany will have a head start. So far on facebook I have heard bits and pieces of all of the songs. Already I have a few favorites.

The screaming guitars are back! I’ve been told that the record label almost would not let Männer sind Krieger be released because it was to heavy with guitar and “no one listens to that anymore.” But Matthias got his way and our reward was a great album in Männer sind Krieger. And this one, die Leichtigkeit des Seins is going to be just as awesome.

I am not the most unbiased reviewer of his work; that is certain. The last 3 albums were wonderful for a variety of reasons. With each album my collection grows as does my respect for him as an artist. If you aren’t a fan yet, I hope you will check out some of his work. Youtube doesn’t have much still available in the States. (Copyright lawyers spoil all the fun). And if you are a fan already and have not seen this invitation to order the new album, I hope you do so.

2 Mai can not get here soon enough!