german spring

After such a long and Stark Winter where one expects direwolves around every corner, and the Northern states in America contemplate changing the state birds to Penguins, the yearning for Spring is strongest this year. Heavy casseroles (auflaufen), high starch and carbohydrate meals and my body is ready for the incredible lightness of Spring greens and early season fruits.

My Pintrest page is filling with the flavors of Spring in Germany… Spargel (asparagus), Rhabarber (rhubarb) and Lauschen. And here is where we come into a bit of a language issue. Lauschen either refers to leeks or to fresh spring onions, or scallions. There is hardly a word to separate the beloved woodland leek from the domestic cousin so where a recipe calls for Lauschen you’ll have to go with what you have. These should be ready near to mid April.

Spargelfest, a celebration of all things asparagus but mostly of the white variety shall soon descend upon Germany. And by soon I mean May. Though due to the lack of Winter, home growers will undoubtedly enjoy an early season. For the events already marked on calendars that may mean imports. And on the heels of the precious green and white asparagus comes the tart treat Rhabarber. Though again, with a lack of a real Winter in Germany I suspect these delights will grow on top of each other.

So while I am waiting for Winter to finally go away, I am gathering up recipes to tackle when all things on the Spring palette push themselves up toward the sun.