It seems silly to start a blog and then take a Christmas Break. I mean really, if you will write then commit. I tell myself that all the time to avoid the luxury of procrastination. But seriously…. I did so much to get ready for the holidays this year that I really need to do something about enjoying it.


I need to scope out the possibility of a guest writer. My proposed guest does not blog, but I think he might once he is introduced to the concept. He is a professional chef of 25 years with such a passion for the geekery that goes with cookery and is an absolute delight to engage in such conversations. Oh and he has no idea that I have these nefarious intentions and thus will be bringing my camera to dinner tomorrow. I do want some good “generic” cooking action shots to sprinkle in and around all my blogs. So if I can’t talk him into sharing some of his wisdom or funny story or two at least I can probably get him to show off a little.

Here’s hoping that we all dig out from whatever crazy weather was dumped on us so that we can enjoy our friends and family, some of those quiet moments when the worry disappears and get a little dash of courage to face the new year.