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though perhaps we should not. Why?

Because I first learned of Harry Ulrich on my quest for German web radio station. Since I was looking for more music it is hardly fair to blame this all on him. So I guess we should blame it on the boogie?

About 3 years ago I found swr4 out of Baden-Württemberg. As I listened to the schlager I explored the site. And standing there in the middle of the page, in glorious Technicolor…. STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just getting to be Spring. The White Asparagus festival was over and it was time to glaze everything in sight with strawberry something. Enter Harry Ulrich.

harry ulrichHere he is from the SWR4 homepage. Harry is the lead correspondent in the Essen & Trinken division. It’s here, with his bright colors and bold flavorings, that I think I finally realized that I could maybe, actually, make German food.

I don’t know much about him as far as biography is concerned. Even my pen pal did not know of him before I mentioned him. Germany is much smaller than America, but it is bigger than Michigan.  I guess if I don’t know DJs on downstate radio stations she does not have to know the baking guru for SWR4. All I need to know is his recipes are easy to follow. I do not have to work too hard to translate them and his style is well… well it suits me.

So here is the guy who made me hungry enough with all of his wonderful pictures to try my own hand at German styled cooking.