Welcome to Amateur Germanologist at amgerman.wordpress.com

No, you did not read that incorrectly. And yes, it isn’t a word. Well… it wasn’t a word until about 2 hours ago. I do like to make up words. A Germanologist,if we break it down, is a person who studies Germany and it’s culture. And I am an amateur because I don’t get paid to do this and because I can not devote the hours of study that I would like to. I do have to pay the bills you know.

Why the interest? For one, I am German. My mother’s family came here between World Wars. If the story I heard is true, then my Grandfather Armin saw Hitler’s rise in the commerce department as a portend of doom for his wee small business in Hamburg. He sent my grampa here to live with Uncle Emil in Dearborn and then my gramma followed.

There are a lot of things that we did when I was little the came straight from Germany. Grampa missed it. A lot. He had a friend named Marty who would come over and speak with him in his own language. I asked what they were always talking about. Grampa told me if I wanted to know that I had to learn. The caveat: he would not teach me. As I was heading into high school and language choices were next on my curriculum I chose German with Sister Mary Jo.

After a brief relationship with some exchange students, a mixed tape that snuck by the mail inspection and a video of my cousins’ vacation in Germany the desire to know more grew.

Life will get in the way of a lot of things as it did when I was in my early twenties. It was not until just a few years ago that the imperative to discover the German roots really took hold.

A combination of things really made this all surface where it bubbles with a ferocious passion that I have not felt the compulsion to reign in. And why should I? Who we are starts with where we come from. The things that we did as children with our families are influenced by who are parents are. We start life wrapped up in family traditions and identities. It is only later when we get out among peers and begin learning about the vast world that we live in that we can take the basis of who we are and forge a new and completely individualized version of ourselves.

I’ve been blogging over at blogger for several years about all the geeky things that I am into. And there are a lot. Every once in a while I will get to post about the German music and the food that I am learning to make. It’s only been in the last few weeks that I realized that I was going to need a separate blog for the German stuff. I’ll keep the geek blog. But I do need to have German blog.

So here we are at WordPress. We will be talking about all kinds of German stuff: food, music, geography, a little history, some literature, family stories and I will share with you what I can from my pen pal. There are of course privacy matters to consider so I obviously can not tell you all there is to tell.

I chose WordPress for this because I can make a better magazine styled blog. I’ve really liked blogger and it gives me lots of tools to make things interesting. But in some sense, I need simplicity. Which I think is the most practical part of being German that I need to encourage within myself.

Well, friends, I did say that I have to pay the bills. It is nearly time for my to work so I must go. I’ll have a lot to keep my brain busy tonight!

See you here soon.